For Good

The “For Good Troupe” & “For Good Beginnings” are two performance troupes sponsored by The Centre Region Down Syndrome Society (CRDSS) and hosted by the Delta Program. The mission is to offer an opportunity for persons with Down syndrome to participate in musical theater and performance activities, while also offering members of the community the opportunity to observe, participate in, and celebrate the success of our performers.

Life is a Cabaret

My first VR 360 video. It’s a fascinating mental challenge. After a career of looking for the perfect angle, isolating a moment, and editing the best sequence of images, I am forced to consider how a person will experience an image when they choose where to look and can look everywhere.
Thinking about how we can tell stories using these new tools is fun.
A LOT to learn, but thank you to Richard Biever, Jill A Brighton and the entire cast and crew of the FUSE production of Cabaret for allowing me onto their stage.
And thank you to Kristine Bosworth and Nikon for letting us learn and teach with Nikon’s Keymission 360 camera!

This Time Would Be Different

Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Fleck represented the State’s 81st District in rural Pennsylvania. He was first elected in 2006, then ran unopposed for re-election in 2008, ’10 and ’12.
But as he says, he knew “This time would be different”.
In December 2012, a month after Fleck’s election to a fourth term, he came out as gay.
Local Republican Richard Irvin would later announce he would run against Fleck in 2014. Irvin was removed from the primary ballot on a technicality but still defeated Fleck as a write-in candidate on the Republican ticket, while Fleck defeated Irvin on the empty Democratic ticket as a write-in.
In November 2014’s general election, the incumbent gay Republican running as a Democrat faced off against his Republican challenger.

Because They Sparkle


Watch the video on where it was first published in August 2014

Most of us have very little opportunity to see a truly dark sky. The lights from our cities obscure all but the brightest stars. For those who love to star gaze, places like Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania beckon. One of the darkest places in the country designed for looking at the stars, the state park holds a star gazing party each June (and another in the fall).

For Christian Bobb it is more than your average hobby. Christian’s autism makes it difficult for him, most of the time, to connect to the people around him. But in a field of 500 amateur astronomers, telescopes and the objects they find, are not just his obsession, but the passion of everyone around him.

Five years of JAZZ

The Rochester International Jazz Festival was probably the best week of work each year, ever. For five years I had the opportunity to cover the festival, hear amazing music, meet wonderful musicians and tell great stories.

Originally built in the program Flash, which is no longer supported, I have begun converting the stories into videos. A few of them are here.


Seniors Talk

Education in the city of Rochester is always in the news it seems – graduation rates, mayoral control of schools, performance, the unions, No Child Left Behind and on and on.

It feels like we rarely get a sense of what the students are about – what their lives are like – who they are.
I spoke with nearly 40 about-to-be-graduating seniors at five different city high schools for this video.

The Kids, through the years

Occasionally, I torture my children. Sitting them down for an interview to reflect on the previous year in pictures….

(some of the shows require the Flash plug-in, only available on desktop and laptops)







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A trip to Neverland

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The Rochester Children’s Theatre production of Peter Pan this year is a family affair. Peter and Hook are married and their kids are a pirate and Lost Boy. I followed the family through some of the rehearsal process as they prepared for the play.

This is the most complicated video I’ve produced using the Canon 5D camera – and probably the most fun to date.

Election Night Dyptychs

It is always fun/exhausting/frustrating/ to cover election night and 2010 was no exception. I got to travel to New York City to cover the Democrats because the candidate for Lt. governor was Rochester’s sitting mayor. In addition to getting photos for print, shooting a photo gallery and producing a video I teamed up with my talented colleague Jen Rynda who was covering the Republican returns in Buffalo.

We shot photos using our iPhones, used some of the candidates’ acceptance/concession speeches and put together this different look at election night. It was, by far, the best part of the evening for both of us.  (It looks even better in full screen mode)

Determined Divas

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Eight young women and their mentor, members of the Determined Divas, talk about their struggles to straighten out their lives.


The Toy Hall of Fame is part of Rochester’s Strong Museum of Play. Each year they nominate toys for induction and then select a few to admit into the hall of fame. Ok, it’s all a bit silly. The video is an ode to the nominees for 2009. A few years ago, while covering the Jazz Festival in Rochester, I fell in love with a song by Alison Brown. Happily, she gave me permission to use her music and it provides the soundtrack for the video.

Not Forgotten

In 2007 I spent a year documenting each and every homicide in the Rochester community. The city of Rochester had, at the time, a very high homicide rate and not coincidentally one of the highest child poverty rates in the country.  I interviewed family and friends of the victims, attended vigils, funerals, and wakes, and produced a story for each victim.
The project was originally published on the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle’s website. The original project was built in Flash, a program that is no longer supported. But the original stories, told in photos and audio interviews can be viewed below.


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I spent part of the summer of 2007, between daily assignments, looking for photos of people playing basketball. I was attracted by the thought that basketball can be played almost anywhere, by almost anyone.  I asked my favorite writer at the paper, Jim Memmott, to write something to go with my photos and this was the result.

The Network – 13 stories of brain tumor survivors

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This is one of my earliest multimedia stories. I was asked by a friend to do a story on a support group she ran for survivors of brain tumors. When I couldn’t get the paper interested in the story, I did it on my own. It was a remarkable experience.

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