Not Forgotten

In 2007 I spent a year documenting each and every homicide in the Rochester community. The city of Rochester had, at the time, a very high homicide rate and not coincidentally one of the highest child poverty rates in the country.  I interviewed family and friends of the victims, attended vigils, funerals, and wakes, and produced a story for each victim.
The project was originally published on the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle’s website. The original project was built in Flash, a program that is no longer supported. But the original stories, told in photos and audio interviews can be viewed below.

4 thoughts on “Not Forgotten

  1. Blessingz Will:
    Just wanted to say hello how you doing?Hope the family is doing well. I am writing a book to go with my film Homicidez and I included your name and cited your work. I would like to include one of your images that you did in “Not Forgotten”. I am still writing and will send you a lay out of what it would look like. Thanks for being you and staying true to your craft.

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